Hire a Mammoth | Jobs and Internships

Let’s work together to support career exploration for Amherst students and recent graduates. 

Alumni and friends of the College are critical partners in helping Amherst provide real-world learning and employment opportunities. Many of you have reached out to us, seeking ways to assist our students and recent graduates. In response, the Loeb Center stands ready to provide you with dedicated employment development support to help you open doors for our students.

Ways You Can Help Amherst Students and Recent Graduates

    • Host a summer internship
    • Post an entry-level full-time job
    • Ask your human resources team to recruit at Amherst College
    • Reach out to your professional network to identify opportunities for Amherst students

    Complete this short form  to start a conversation with us about the particular ways that you can support graduates and students.

    Amherst Advantage

    With a 9% acceptance rate, Amherst attracts some of the top students in the world. As an Amherst alum, you know that Amherst students are adept at wrestling with interesting and difficult questions, communicating clearly and persuasively, and working collaboratively within diverse teams – all traits that will benefit your organization. Amherst students will bring a vibrant diversity and international perspective to their roles at your organization. 


    Visit our FAQ webpage for answers to common questions. Or reach out to us directly at recruiting@amherst.edu.