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Social Impact

Welcome to the Loeb Center’s Social Impact community page. This is a great starting place for those who value purpose-driven work. Career paths dedicated to doing good in the world cut across industries and are all connected through the common goal of positively affecting society. This page will offer guidance on how to begin pursuing a socially impactful career.

Civic Impact Infographic

Participating in civic impact initiatives allows you to influence the fabric of communities through civic engagement or provide vital social services to those in need. This includes careers in public and private education, experiential learning, social work, mentoring/counseling, youth development, and administration of organizations that provide these types of services.

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Environmental Impact Infographic

Environmental impact careers are exceedingly diverse, encompassing everything from office to field to classroom work, conducting research in a lab, designing air, water, or other pollution control equipment, organizing a community to action, advocating in a courtroom, managing a plant, or teaching in a classroom

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The human rights and social impact field is comprised of a broad spectrum of governmental, intergovernmental, and non-governmental organizations that focus on alleviating human suffering and protecting and promoting human rights. The field overlaps with crucial peace and security issues, development, law, humanitarian assistance, and economic and social affairs. Organizations use a variety of disciplines in their approach to social justice, including direct service, advocacy, policy development, and research. Social justice often refers to the overall fairness of society and how it divides its rewards and burdens upon groups of people. Social justice and human rights organizations are perhaps best organized according to the issue(s) they are concerned with. Social impact describes the effect of an activity or organization on individuals and a community. When discussing careers in social impact, we often talk about working for nonprofit organizations, but many businesses have some activities devoted to social influence.

Humanitarian Efforts & Social Impact Infographic

The human rights and social impact field is comprised of a broad spectrum of governmental, intergovernmental, and non-governmental organizations that focus on alleviating human suffering and protecting and promoting human rights.

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Two groups of interns speaking with their supervisors juxtaposed next to each other.

Connect with Students About Their Summer Internships

Inspired by The Better Amherst Initiative and in conjunction with the Loeb Center and IT, the Association of Amherst Students (AAS) created an internship database. The database is searchable by year, major, internship name/employer, and industry. It also contains information on the quality of the internship.

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