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Prepare for an Interview

The interview is a conversation with the employer where you have the opportunity to discuss your skills, ac- complishments, and experiences and relate them to the needs of the organization for which you are interview- ing. It is also a chance for you to learn more about the position and organization and consider whether the opportunity will be a good fit for you. If you approach the interview as a two-way street where both you and the employer are learning about each other, you may be less nervous, more prepared, and therefore more confident!

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6 Situational Interview Questions You Are Bound to Be Asked

The article describes what a situational interview is, what to expect in this type of interview, and how to prepare for one.

By Source and Author Noted Above
Source and Author Noted Above
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Uncovering the Reasons You’re Not Getting Job Offers

This article will help you evaluate the areas in which you can improve in the job or internship search and how to adjust your strategies to help get a job offer.

By Source and Author Noted Above
Source and Author Noted Above
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STAR interview method

The articles discusses the STAR interview framework and how to best answer interview questions to get your point across.

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Source and Author Noted Above
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Skill Building Courses

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Job Interview Tips for Project Managers

Daniel Stanton
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Nailing your Interview, Resume, and Negotiation FAST

Pete Mockaitis | How to Be Awesome at Your Job
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Nail Your Cybersecurity Interview

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Mastering Web Developer Interview Code

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Whether you’re actively looking for a new job, or you just want to keep your coding skills sharp, it’s important…

Virtual Job Interviews for Non-Native English Speakers

Liesje Sandler
The application process can be stressful for anyone, but interviewing in a foreign language brings unique challenges, especially if the…

Mastering Common Interview Questions

Valerie Sutton
Preparing for an interview can be daunting. Learn how to master the top 10 most common interview questions you’ll encounter…

Tech Career Skills: Interviewing Developers

Billy Hollis
Hiring a new developer is a huge investment for any team. But determining whether a candidate has both the right…

Job Interview Tips for Accountants

Ajay Pangarkar
If you’re an accountant looking for a new job and you see a hiring notice that suits your skill set…

Preparing to Get a Job in Data Analytics

Jess Ramos
Thinking about a career in data analytics or looking to land a more senior-level role? This course offers a friendly…

Using Data Science to Hire Employees

Jeff Selingo
Jeff Selingo visits LinkedIn Studios to weigh in on the importance of using data when making hiring decisions, the complexity…

Video Interview Tips

Jenny Foss
Video interviews are an important part of today’s recruiting process. Love them or hate them, they’re not going away. This…

Nail Your Java Interview

Kathryn Hodge
Have you lined up an interview for a Java developer position? In this course, review critical Java concepts-and commonly-asked interview…

Nano Tips for Answering Common Interview Questions with Tiffany Uman

Tiffany Uman
Welcome to our Nano Tips series, where LinkedIn Learning creators deliver impactful lessons in literally seconds. In this installment, discover…

Informational Interviewing

Barbara Bruno
If you are looking for a job, considering a new career, or trying to advance in your current career, you…

Interview Tips for Sales Professionals

Jenny Foss
You’ve lined up an interview for a sales position. Curious about what lies ahead? Need some help as you prepare?…

Remote Interviewing Techniques for Creative Jobs

Chris Nodder
You’ve lined up a remote interview for an exciting creative role. Now what? In this course, Chris Nodder helps you…

Integrating Performance Management into the Hiring Process

Lou Adler
Most hiring processes emphasize what a person must have to even be considered for the job. By reversing the process…

Creating a Compelling Job Description

Freda Thomas
An effective job description is not just a list of skills and qualities. It is a carefully crafted message with…

Nail Your DevOps Interview

Michael Jenkins
DevOps engineers are in high demand, but the barriers to entering the field can be intimidating. DevOps roles require an…

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