Make the Loeb Center a part of your job and internship search process. From special internship programs like the Charles Hamilton Houston Internship Program to specialized job and internship advising, we can help you discover and prepare for opportunities you may not have found on your own.

How to Cold Call/Email

In the competitive landscape of job hunting, where every opportunity counts, one often overlooked avenue is the potency of cold calling and emailing. While traditional methods like online applications and networking events have their place, cold outreach offers a distinct …

By Penn Schneider
Penn Schneider
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5 Tips for a Successful Summer Internship Experience

An internship is a great way to expand your knowledge and apply what you’ve learned during your studies. It’s also a great way to gain real-world experience, boost your resume, and strengthen your skill set. Below, you’ll find advice on …

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Overlooked Skills That Could Elevate Your Job Application

In the cutthroat realm of job hunting, crafting an attention-grabbing resume and cover letter is paramount to capturing the attention of prospective employers. It’s common for college students to feel dwarfed by the extensive resumes of seasoned professionals brimming with …

By Penn Schneider
Penn Schneider
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Job Search Strategy Toolkit

Senior year is both a time of culmination and transition. While you are completing advanced work, leading teams and organizations, …

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