Networking. For many it’s a word that evokes the image of awkwardly attempting to mingle with strangers at a professional reception…That does occasionally happen, but it’s a very small part of what it actually means to build your professional network. In reality, networking is about making new friends in a professional context, and building concentric rings of connections to people whose work inspires and informs the young professional you are and/or aim to be.

How to Cold Call/Email

In the competitive landscape of job hunting, where every opportunity counts, one often overlooked avenue is the potency of cold calling and emailing. While traditional methods like online applications and networking events have their place, cold outreach offers a distinct …

By Penn Schneider
Penn Schneider
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2 Email Templates for Networking | Template Toolbox

This article showcases two email templates to help you meet or follow up with people.

By The Loeb Center
The Loeb Center
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2 Email Templates for Networking | Template Toolbox

When it comes to introducing yourself to other social-impact professionals, learning about organizations, and ultimately landing your next job, writing a strong networking email is an incredibly useful skill. Even if you aren’t currently job searching, networking is an important …

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