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Meiklejohn Fellows Program

The goal of the Meiklejohn Fellows Program is to advance equal opportunity for post-graduate success by providing robust career resources and support to Amherst College students from families with low incomes, and to those who are the first in their families to attend college.  This goal is achieved through a combination of dedicated advising, programming, peer-to-peer support, and summer internship funding.  Beginning in their first year at the college, first-generation and/or low income (FLI) students are encouraged to both apply to and participate in the academic year-long cohort program.   Once a student becomes a Meiklejohn Fellows, they retain this distinction during their entire time at Amherst.

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How to Become a Meiklejohn Fellow

The Meiklejohn Fellows Program offers first-year FLI students the opportunity to participate in an academic year-long program designed to help students develop an understanding of their unique career interests and how to explore them as an undergraduate through summer experiential learning opportunities, such as summer internships.

Learn How to Become a Meiklejohn Fellow.

Meiklejohn Fellows Program Additional Resources

Additional Meiklejohn Fellows Career Resources

In addition to the first-year Meiklejohn Fellows programming, Meiklejohn Fellows are encouraged to take advantage of other Loeb Center resources to support their internship and job search efforts.

Accessing Your Meiklejohn Stipend

For Current Meiklejohn Fellows, please read how to access your Meiklejohn Fellowship Stipend.

Fellowship Stipend

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President Alexander Meiklejohn

Alexander Meiklejohn, who was from a long line of textile workers and immigrated to America as a young boy, was likely the first in his family to graduate from college. He was able to attend Brown University only after relatives collectively paid the tuition.

Learn about President Alexander Meiklejohn: An Inspiring Namesake

My Experience Finding an Internship my Sophomore Year

This summer, I had the privilege of interning at Greenpeace USA as the Organizing Intern. Although my official start date was June 12th, the internship hunt began well before then.

In the fall of 2022, I met with a Peer …

By Brianne LaBare
Brianne LaBare Peer Career Advisor
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How to Find Resources for First Generation Professionals

Are you a first generation professional? You may belong to this demographic without knowing that there is even a term for it. First generation professionals are those who are the first in their families to enter the professional workforce.

You …

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Not Sure What You Should Be Making at Your First Job? Here’s How to Figure Out the Right Number to Aim for

Launching your career by landing your first full-time job can be thrilling, but there might be one small thing you’re not so sure about as you wait to hear the words, “You’re hired!”: Money.

How do you know what to …

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Career Resources

A reception for first generation and/or low-income students coordinated by QuestBridge, First Generation Association, and the Office of Campus Diversity …

This session welcomes families of first generation students to the Amherst community and to celebrate this momentous occasion. There will …

As part of Amherst College’s commitment to diversity, the Office of Admission hosts Access to Amherst (A2A) for one weekend …

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