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The Arts & Communication program is a launchpad for creative careers and offers students exploration, experiential learning, internship, and job opportunities in a range of professions, including (but not limited to): creative practices, arts administration, entertainment, journalism & writing, marketing, media, museums & archives, publishing, and strategic communications.

Digital Skills

Program Director for Careers in Arts and Communication Carla Costa discusses four digital skills guaranteed to make you a more competitive applicant. Check out the Essential Digital Skills Guide for more info and direct links.

By Carla Costa
Carla Costa Program Director, Careers in Arts and Communication
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Creative Project Planning

Program Director for Careers in Arts and Communication Carla Costa describes strategies to help guide you through your independent, creative project. Check out the slide deck.

By Carla Costa
Carla Costa Program Director, Careers in Arts and Communication
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Tips for Breaking Into Science Journalism

By Aleszu Bajak ’06 

Alumni-in-Residence 2019

Scratch the itch: After a few years working mostly in the animal facility in the gene therapy department at Weill Cornell, I was itching to start a writing career. I started a blog called …

By Source and Author Noted Above
Source and Author Noted Above
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Skill Building Courses

Cinematic Composition for Video Productions

Eduardo Angel
Composition is one of the least understood yet most important aspects of video. Like good storytelling, in order to achieve…

Shane Snow on Storytelling

Shane Snow
View Shane’s LinkedIn Newsletter Storytelling is a powerful way to make people care about products, brands, and causes. It can…

Photography: Advanced Composition

Ben Long
What makes a good photo? Understanding why a composition works—or why it doesn’t—can be difficult. However, by analyzing images and…

Brand Redesign: Small Business

Von Glitschka
Rebranding can help a company rebuild a reputation or go in a new direction. For designers, rebranding projects present a…

Creating Personal Connections

John Ullmen
Learn how to create personal connections—that sense of chemistry, comfort, and confidence—even with new people, in unfamiliar situations, and under…

Humble Inquiry: The Gentle Art of Asking Instead of Telling (getAbstract Summary)

American culture prioritizes action, practicality, and competition over courteousness and respect. But there’s a different way. In his popular book,…

Managing Conflict in a Remote Work Environment

Amy Gallo
All of us navigate workplaces full of competing interests, clashing personalities, limited time and resources, and fragile egos, which can…

Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing

Mignon Fogarty
With easy-to-understand examples, Grammar Girl Mignon Fogarty shares ways you can instantly make your writing better, including using active voice,…

Writing in Plain Language

Leslie O'Flahavan
Plain language is a modern communication philosophy and a world-wide movement. It’s the reader-focused way to write, ensuring every sentence…

Talking to Customers

Noah Fleming
For customer service reps, having conversational skills and knowing how to talk to customers (and how not to talk to…

Podcasting for Enterprises

Danny Ozment
Are you wondering how a podcast can benefit your organization? Could you use it for marketing? What about PR and…

When Negotiation’s about More than Money: How to Negotiate (Almost) Anything

Chris Croft
View Chris’s LinkedIn Newsletter Negotiation theory is all very well, but how can you apply it in real situations? Which…

Designing for Business

Von Glitschka
Businesses need good design. Good design helps you sell your product. But how do you know what’s best for your…

Radical Candor (Blinkist Summary)

While there’s no set recipe for a great leader, most people tend to know one when they see one. In…

Marketing Foundations

Marta Dapena-Baron
Ever wondered what it takes to think like a marketer? You need to think analytically across multiple disciplines and tell…

Amplifying Your Message Through Powerful Framing and Storytelling

Pete Mockaitis | How to Be Awesome at Your Job
In this audio-only course, Rene Rodriguez, author of Amplify Your Influence: Transform How You Communicate and Lead, reveals a powerful…

Humor in the Workplace

Izzy Gesell
Humor can change lives and relationships. In this course, organizational consultant and former standup comedian Izzy Gesell helps us better…

Charlene Li on Digital Leadership

Charlene Li
View Charlene’s LinkedIn Newsletter Today’s most influential leaders have an online presence. But how do you lead “digitally” and engage…

Introduction to Graphic Design

Tony Harmer
Graphic design is a complex art. To become a graphic designer, you need to master many different skills and tools.…

Fundamentals of a Redesign

Sean Adams
Most design projects don’t start from scratch. Instead, designers are usually asked to reimagine an existing brand. Redesigns can be…

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Aleszu Bajak

  • Editor and

Dr. Lisa Biggs

  • Assistant Professor Brown University

Chip Garner

  • Senior Vice President MWWPR

Alexandra Juhasz

  • Distinguished Professor of Film Brooklyn College, CUNY

Inda Schaenen

  • Writer, Journalist, Professor, Certified English Language Arts Teacher

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