Welcome to the Loeb Center Social Impact page. Social Impact entails work that has measurable value-driven metrics, addresses the socioeconomic problem to the fullest extent, and promulgates equal opportunities and equitable outcomes. On this page you will find a plethora of resources as you mull over or dive into the realm of social impact and public service work. Importantly, embarking in a career in social impact fulfills the humanist need of service to society and oneself, the hallmark of a republic-democracy. 10% of the American workforce is employed in the non-profit sector, mostly small agencies with less than 100 employees with less than $100K annual budget, while federal, state, and local government jobs – including subcontractors – account for another 7% of the Pre-Covid 150 million person workforce. We invite you to consider joining the small but influential number of changemakers.

Industry spotlight: How—and why—the federal government is winning Gen Z hires

This article showcases stats around the increase in federal government job postings on Handshake and the doubling of applications received. It also mentions the increased appeal from students in varied industries.

By The Loeb Center
The Loeb Center
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The Nonprofit Industrial Complex

This article discusses the significant growth of the nonprofit sector in the United States, raising questions about its impact on American society. The concern is that these nonprofits, especially those with perpetual endowments, may become unaccountable and pursue agendas that …

By The Loeb Center
The Loeb Center
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Social Impact Careers Panel Celebrates 60 Years Since JFK Speech

“As part of its broader celebration of President John F. Kennedy’s 1963 speech at Frost Library, the college hosted a panel of alumni who have pursued social impact careers. Kennedy’s speech commended the College’s commitment to public service.” – Dylan …

By The Loeb Center
The Loeb Center
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Career Resources

Connect with Students About Their Summer Internships

Inspired by The Better Amherst Initiative and in conjunction with the Loeb Center and IT, the Association of Amherst Students (AAS) …

Projects for Peace Application

The Projects for Peace program hopes to encourage student initiative, innovation and entrepreneurship focusing on conflict prevention, resolution or reconciliation. 

In addition to Handshake, we compiled a list of jobs and internship sites.

Interning For Democracy

Are you wondering how to translate your interest in strengthening democracy into a professional path? Internships are the best way …

Rosenberg Senior Grant

The Rosenberg Senior Grant deadline is Wednesday, May 16, 2025.

The grant is only applicable to graduating seniors and the most …

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Rich André

  • Senior Policy Advisor for State and Local Initiatives American Immigration Council
Meet Rich >

Julie Babayan

  • Head of Policy Development Adobe Inc.
Meet Julie >

Jesse Corradi

  • Managing Director of Africa U.S. International Development Finance Corporation (DFC)
Meet Jesse >

Jennifer Estrada

  • Community Program Manager Amnesty International USA
Meet Jennifer >

Jay Gilliam

  • Director of the Global Program Human Rights Campaign (HRC)
Meet Jay >
Meet Bonnie >

Jeremy Koo

  • Associate on the Distributed Energy Resources and Electrification team Cadmus Group
Meet Jeremy >

Scott MacMillan

  • Director of Learning and Innovation BRAC USA

Charles Myers

  • Founder and Chairman Signum Global Advisors
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