Accessing Your Meiklejohn Fellowship Stipend

The Summer 2024 Meiklejohn Fellows Application will open in February 2024.

Fellows must complete all steps of the process in order to receive their stipend. Please read all the details we have outlined below before you begin filling out your forms. 

Eligibility for Stipend

In order to be eligible to request a stipend, a Meiklejohn Fellow MUST:

  • Have accepted an internship for the summer (May – August)
  • Be approaching their first or second summer of enrollment at Amherst
  • Not have received a Meiklejohn Fellows stipend in the past

Qualifying Internships

Eligible students may receive their stipend if their internship is:

  • Entirely unpaid or has a total compensation of less than $5,000 (8-week internships) or $3,875 (6-week internships)
  • With a non-Amherst College employer
  • At least 6 weeks long AND 30-40 hours per week
  • A project-based internship with responsibilities that are appropriately challenging for a college student and are substantive and meaningful to the organization/company
  • Equipped with an individual who serves as a supervisor available to answer the Fellow’s questions and provide regular performance feedback
  • Aligned with the Fellow’s stated career path, offering opportunities for the development of transferable skills for future internships and/or jobs

While qualifying internships can be in any industry, the following types of opportunities CANNOT be funded:

  • Student’s own entrepreneurial or personal projects
  • Startup incubator programs
  • Skill-development programs or coursework
  • Academic programs
  • Solely clinical shadowing experiences
  • Language programs
  • Fee-based, internship placement programs

Stipend Amounts

The exact stipend amount awarded depends on the duration of the internship and how much compensation a Fellow will receive from the internship site. However, you can refer to this chart for maximum amounts:

Maximum Amount
6-7 week internship $3,875
8-10 week internship$5,000

Process for Requesting Stipend

The Summer 2024 Meiklejohn Fellows Application will open in February 2024.

Although the stipend is guaranteed, a Fellow will still be required to submit an application which will be reviewed before a final decision is made regarding whether funds will be awarded. The application is comprised of the following

  • Short answer and short essay questions
  • Upload of a copy of up-to-date resume
  • Sponsor confirmation form (*completed by the internship supervisor)

All application materials must be submitted before the application will be reviewed. Reviews happen on a rolling basis before the final deadline.

Applications may be declined if the internship doesn’t qualify, the Fellow doesn’t meet the eligibility requirements, the application is incomplete or poor quality, or there are serious concerns about the internship site.

After Stipend Award

Fellows will receive an award letter from the Loeb Center along with instructions on required forms./processes to complete, including a liability waiver form, an internship agreement, and Minor Safety Certification (if working with anyone under the age of 18 over the summer).

Summer and Post-Summer Requirements

Fellows do not have to keep track of receipts and may use their stipends however they see fit.  However, they will be required to complete a final report at the end of the summer and to make themselves available to speak with first-year and sophomore Meiklejohn Fellows throughout the following fall semester about their internship experience.