Using the Alumni Directory

The Amherst College alumni directory is an incredible resource for career exploration and networking. You have information about all Amherst alumni right at your fingertips! 

About the Directory

  • All alumni have a profile, unless they’ve decided to opt out.
  • The College populates basic information about the alumni, including class year and major. The alum fills in the rest, which means that some profiles are very comprehensive and others may have very little information.
  • Each alumni profile has a section for personal information, professional information, academic information, and activities and affinities.
  • The alum or Amherst College’s Alumni Office select the industry that best reflects their work. 
  • Alumni can self-select affinities, i.e. Black alumni, first generation alumni, LGBTQ alumni, veterans, and various other identities as well as career fields.
  • Alumni can update their profile as they change jobs, location, contact information, and enter or complete graduate school, etc.The Alumni Office also updates information through alumni research.

Reasons to Use the Alumni Directory

  • Explore alumni career trajectories and occupations/job titles. What types of roles or positions exist in the federal government? How do alumni move into roles in advertising? What’s an entry level position in public health?
  • Investigate connections between majors and careers. What have philosophy majors done for work? How common is a double major in the field of entertainment? Do I need to major in economics to go into business or finance?
  • Connect with alumni who share an aspect of your identity. For example, Black alumni are often very willing to be a resource for Black students who have questions or concerns about working in organizations or fields that are predominantly white, or are seeking out workplaces with equitable cultures. Or, alumni who are veterans can speak to how they translated the skill set gained in the military into skills valued by employers. 
  • Find alumni who work at an organization that interests you or where you plan to submit an application for a job. You might want to contact them to learn more about the organization before you submit your application or learn more from them about internship or job opportunities.
  • Look for potential companies/employers that you may not have considered to have a position related to your field. Do large retailers or newspapers need statisticians? Do tech companies need interior designers and nutritionists?
  • Compare graduate school options. What work can I do with an MA in Public Policy versus a JD in law? How long do alumni wait after graduating from Amherst before starting an MBA? What could I do with a PhD in psychology versus a Masters in Counseling? What institutions offer graduate degrees in theater? 
  • Find alumni who studied at an institution you’re considering attending for graduate school. Ask them about their experience and/or their advice on the application process.
  • Find alumni who attended your high school or who live in your home state or city* and are working in an industry that interests you. Set up a time to meet them the next time you’re home. Try the directory map feature!
  • Learn more about an alum that you read about or met at an event.

Tips for an Effective Search

  • Use the Advanced Search function to access the full range of search criteria
  • Cast wide and multiple nets to improve your chances of finding an alum that interests you and search for related/adjacent industries or higher education programs, e.g. data science vs computer science or international affairs vs international relations.
  • Narrow your search to hone in on more specific areas of interest:
    • Major: Environmental Studies, Industry: Non-Profit industry
    • Class years: 2015-2020 (young alumni), Employment Country: Spain
    • Higher Ed Program: Public Policy, Affinities: International Alumni
    • Athletics: Women’s Basketball, Industry: Data Science
  • Cross-reference alumni with their profiles on LinkedIn. Most alumni tend to update their LinkedIn profiles more than they update their Amherst alumni profile. You may be able to get more up-to-date information or details about their professional history through LinkedIn.