Remote and Micro-Internships

Remote Internships

What is a remote internship?

A remote internship is a professional learning experience, sustained long term over multiple weeks and conducted primarily or entirely online.

What should I look for in a remote internship?

A remote internship’s criteria should be no different than an on-site internship in the respect that you should be completing meaningful work, have consistent communication and feedback from a supervisor and have opportunities for professional development. That being said, a remote internship is inherently different than an in-person internship because there are less opportunities for informal conversations, networking and learning.

When looking at a job description, see if you can notice:

  • Does the internship have a set hourly schedule?
  • What are the methods of communication, feedback and evaluation of work?
  • Does the internship have built-in opportunities for engaging with others from the organization?
  • Does the internship specify certain technology needed for the position and/or knowledge of certain platforms?
  • Does the work described appear to be aligned with your learning and professional goals?

Where to search for remote internships:


Micro-Internships are facilitated via the Parker Dewey platform.

Parker Dewey is a platform that connects students and recent graduates to organizations looking for short-term, project-based work.CREATE YOUR FREE PARKER DEWEY ACCOUNT

Where to search for micro-internships:

Parker Dewey is a platform that connects students and recent graduates to organizations looking for short-term, project-based work. All micro-internships posted on Parker Dewey are paid and positions are posted on a rolling basis. Parker Dewey also offers helpful e-courses to learn more about work required for commonly posted opportunities.

  • Make an account through the Amherst College portal in order to be connected to opportunities through the greater Amherst network.
  • After you create an account, upload your most recent resume and complete your profile. Use the same best practices you utilize on Handshake. Note that you do not need Loeb Center approval to upload your resume or apply to opportunities.
  • Note that Parker Dewey does not allow filtering for positions. To find out about up to date opportunities posted by our Amherst network, refer to and bookmark this spreadsheet (Amherst login required).

How can you prepare?

Similar to searching for and applying to on-site internships most likely you will need to have a resume and in some cases work samples ready to submit when you apply.

Take a look at the Resume Guide for tips on how to create an effective resume.

You can also schedule an appointment in Handshake with an advisor to discuss your application materials and search strategy.