Teaching Abroad

Many graduates decide to teach in other countries.  Whether you teach English as a Foreign Language (EFL) at a local school or another subject in an international school or U.S. program abroad, you are bound to have a memorable personal and professional experience that can propel your career either in or out of education. 

While most schools seek candidates with a year or two of experience, an increasing number of schools are looking to hire interns, especially as each new school year approaches and headmasters are faced with unfilled openings. While you may not get rich as an intern, you will have few expenses and many opportunities to explore your surroundings. 

Most schools will subsidize your travel expenses, including periodic trips home.  Compensation is competitive, and many countries will have tax benefits for Americans. When interviewing, don’t ask how much you’ll make, but rather how much you’ll save, as exchange rates and cost of living vary widely. Search Associates is an international placement agency that specializes in.

If you are committed to teaching EFL, you may want to consider obtaining a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate, which can be a ticket into many teaching positions.  TEFL programs tend to run a month or so in length and are offered by private companies and universities both in the U.S. and abroad. 

Schools tend to hire experienced teachers and usually insist on an interview with the head of school or a representative.  If you are unable to attend any recruiting fairs in the U.S., contact schools directly, and include your résumé and letters of recommendation.  If you are brave and you know in what part of the world you’d like to be, it is not unheard of for schools to hire right off the street if your timing is good (try knocking on schools’ doors around late summer). You can also try contacting a country’s embassy for a listing of opportunities.  

Another excellent place to start is: 
International Schools Services 
15 Roszel Road 
Princeton, NJ 08543

Additional information on teaching abroad is in the Loeb Center library. Other links for teaching abroad are below:

Assn of Amerian Schools in South America 
Recruits for schools throughout Central and South America, as well as MExico and the Caribbean.  Runs a job fair, usually in December.

Carney, Sandoe and Associates 
Known primarily as a placement agency in the U.S., CS&A also serves some international schools and is free to applicants.

Dave’s ESL Cafe 
A terrific resource for those interested in teaching ESL or EFL in the U.S. or around the world.

English Language Teaching Job Center 
The Digital Education Network’s list of EFL teaching jobs throughout the world. 

Thousands of graduate opportunities across Europe. 

European Council of International Schools 
A good resource for European jobs.  Runs a job fair in Europe. 

International Career Certificates 
TEFL certification in Spain with lifetime job assistance.

The International Educator 
“Your Passport to an International Teaching Position”

The International Educators’ Network Assn. 
“Bringing international educators together through cyberspace.”

International Center: University of Michigan’s Work Abroad site has sections on teaching and tutoring.

International Study and Travel Center (ISTC) 
University of Minnesota’s international opportunity resource center.

International TEFL Certificate (ITC) 
Runs 4-week TEFL programs in Prague and Barcelona; guarantees job placement in Eastern Europe and lifetime job assistance worldwide.

Japan Exchange and Teaching Program (JET) 
Run by the Japanese government, this program for teaching English is open to recent graduates.

AEON Corporation of Japan 
The AEON Corporation of Japan is dedicated to the development of English language education in Japan..

English First 
English First recruits teachers for English language schools in China, Indonesia, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Azerbaijan, Poland, Lithuania, Morocco, Slovenia, Mexico, Ecuador and Chile. Preference for TEFL certified applicants. If applicant is not certified, English first provides subsidized TEFL training courses. 

Ex-ESL provide a professional recruiting service for teaching English in Korea that focuses on your needs and concerns.

O-Hayo Sensei 
Newsletter of Teaching Jobs in Japan

Peace Corps 
Volunteer teaching and other community assistance positions around the world.

Search Associates 
A highly recommended international placement agency; has a special program for interns!!  Runs a number of job fairs.

Transworld Schools 
Offers TEFL courses in San Francisco; helps with job placement.

UNI Overseas Placement Service 
University of Northern Iowa’s service for educators; access to recruitment fairs.

U. S. Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs 
Offering educational exchange and training programs; access to Fulbright Commissions.

U.S. Department of Defense Education Activity 
Schools for military families stateside and overseas.

USIA Office of English Language Programs 
Official Listings from the State Department

U.S. Office of  Personnel Management  
Official government listings for teaching employment overseas, including U.S. territories. 

World Teach 
Places volunteer teachers abroad.

Footprints Recruiting 
Links educators with outstanding employers around the world. Our goal is to facilitate working environments where two cultures intersect at the highest common denominator, benefiting ESL instructors, English language institutes and most importantly students studying English internationally.

Hellenic American Educational Foundation 
Year long teaching fellowships in Greece .

EBC International TEFL Certificate course is a thorough introduction to TEFL, designed for candidates who have no previous experience in English teaching, it’s also suitable for someone who has some experience but no formal training in the TEFL field. 

Davidson Recruiting Services
Since 1998, Davidson Recruiting Services has placed native English speakers at reputable schools in Australia, China, South Korea and Taiwan. 

Chungdahm Institute
Overseas teaching opportuntieis in Seoul, South Korea

English Apple teach English in Korea

Embassy of Spain, Teaching Assistant Program
Teach oral English skills to primary and secondary school students or teenagers at language schools.  TAs receive approximately 700 euros/month stipend, health insurance, orientation, and an official certificate at the end of the year for participation.  There are NO FEES associated with this program, other than the visa fee.  Must be U.S. or Canadian citizen and have intermediate/advanced Spanish.