Alumni-in-Residence: Spring 2023

United States
Amrita Vijayaraghavan ’07

Amrita Vijayaraghavan ’07 was raised in Oregonian suburbs which, at the time, were a lot more “I, …

Alumni-in-Residence: Fall 2022

United States
Julie Babayan ’03

Julie Babayan ’03 is the head of policy development with Adobe’s Policy, Government, and Ethical Innovation team …

Alumni-in-Residence: Spring 2022

United States
Charles Myers ’88

Charles Myers ’88 is the founder and chairman of Signum Global Advisors. He has over 20 years …

Alumni-in-Residence: Fall 2021

United States

Dr. Alexandra Juhasz ’86 is Distinguished Professor of Film at Brooklyn College, CUNY. She is a core faculty member in the …

Alumni-in-Residence: Spring 2021

United States

Dr. Lisa Biggs ’93 is interested in the role of the arts, and performance more broadly writ, in movements for social justice. …

Alumni-in-Residence: Fall 2020

United States

Chip Garner ’89 is Senior Vice President at MWWPR, creating and implementing integrated communications strategies for a variety of corporate …

Alumni-in-Residence: Spring 2020

Cyndy Jean ’07

Major: Black Studies/Pre-Med Concentration

Q. What is one thing you learned about yourself early in your career?

Alumni-in-Residence: Fall 2019

United States
Thais Correia ’16

Major: Computer Science

Q. Tell us about a job you did not get or take. How did …