Employer Application Process for Job and Internship Fair

Our employer application process includes a required question set regarding your organization’s approaches, structures, and resources supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Please provide as much detail as you are able to, as our committee will review these application responses fully to evaluate whether to accept your organization into one of our limited employer spots.  If your application for the Fair is accepted, your answers to these questions will also be shared with our students.

With that in mind, please be prepared to answer the following when applying:

  • Why are you applying to attend this Fair? 
  • What specific class years are you hoping to connect with? 
  • How does your organization define and embody diversity, equity, inclusion, and access?
  • What commitments, if any, has your organization made in support of racial equity? Check all that apply.
  • What affinity groups, committees, or other resources does your organization offer to support employees? If applicable, how do these groups contribute to the culture of the organization?
  • Is your organization able to hire/sponsor visas for international candidates?

When completing the application, you’ll be asked to share the number of representatives who plan to attend; up to 15 representatives per organization are able to participate. Each representative who attends will be able to create their own, unique schedule to engage with students. To learn more about these features, visit Virtual Fairs in Handshake: A Guide for Employers.