My experience with the Loeb Center Health Professions Advisors as A Transfer Student

For anyone interested in pursuing medicine, I highly recommend meeting Dean Aronson and Becca Tishler from the Loeb pre-medical advising office early on–they are incredible people with invaluable knowledge and wisdom about the medical journey. For me, I met them early in my first semester, and they helped me understand how I should approach my pre-medical journey and reflect on my experiences in and out of the classroom. Especially as a transfer student, I initially felt behind my peers and pressured to pursue similar activities. But Dean Aronson and Becca’s philosophy to medicine and belief that everyone has a unique path helped me develop a healthier perspective towards my journey. We all have different starting points, passions, perspectives, and stories, and it would be unfair to compare our experiences to others. When I would share my experiences with them each semester, they would take note of my reflections and help me appreciate the value of each endeavor, whether it be a class I took, or a volunteer trip I went on. And by the time you apply for medical school, the pre-health advising committee will craft a committee letter on your behalf, advocating your experiences and strengths as an applicant.

What I love about the pre-health advising office here–and the Loeb advisors in general–is that they will actively help you find opportunities that suit your interests. Last year, I communicated frequently with Becca and Dean Aronson to find clinical experiences nearby, and they also showed me how to connect with alums in my hometown to find shadowing opportunities. When you schedule a meeting with any Loeb advisor and discuss your interests, they will recommend nearby activities for you to explore, various internships, jobs, and more. Even once your appointment ends, they will continue to send you updates on new opportunities! 

So for students who feel lost or don’t know where to start, don’t be afraid to reach out to the Loeb advisors and continue the correspondence. They are here to guide you and want to help you succeed!

By Ashley Yuen
Ashley Yuen Peer Career Advisor