Sushan Bhattarai

Peer Career Advisor/Employer Engagement Intern

Hello! I’m Sushan and I am a junior from Kathmandu, Nepal. At Amherst. I’m an Environmental Studies and History major but enjoy taking classes throughout the other departments. Outside of the PCA role, I am involved with the Loeb as an Employer Engagement intern and serve on the Mead Art Museum’s DEAI task force.  In my free time, I like to go on treks and kayak, work on heritage conservation projects and make tea.

At Amherst I have embraced the liberal arts both inside and outside the classroom. I have been interested in opportunities ranging from art history to finance and the Loeb Center has helped me find footing in all of these fields. Last summer, I conducted research on the evolution of Hindu / Buddhist deities from the Kathmandu Valley through a research fellowship from the college. I had the opportunity to collaborate with museums and work with experts. This past summer I switched to a position in political consulting, interning with Signum Global Advisors, a policy and strategy firm that advises financial institutions and multinational businesses. I came across the firm through Loeb’s alumni in residence program and used the center’s resources to put together my application. The breadth of experiences and resources the Loeb possesses is what’s allowed me to pursue amazing professional opportunities in a myriad of disciplines. I am excited to share all the resources and skills I’ve learned at the Loeb!