Vault Career Guide to Mutual Funds, Second Edition

Mutual funds raise money from shareholders and then invest in groups of assets such as stocks or bonds. They have grown increasingly popular in the last 30 years because they provide an investment option that’s diverse, affordable, and liquid. The mutual fund industry, which offers many rewarding career paths, has grown steadily since 1997, but it remains a relatively small sector of the financial industry. Although employment opportunities are expected to be good in coming years, aspiring workers will face strong competition for jobs.

The Vault Career Guide to Mutual Funds, Second Edition provides an insider’s perspective on what’s happening in the industry, what it takes to break in and how to advance your career. Whether you’re an aspiring fund manager, financial analyst, or accountant, this guide will help you master every step of your search for employment at a mutual fund.

Vault Career Guides offer an industry insider’s view of what it takes to land a job in your chosen profession. Each volume provides a comprehensive overview of the industry and expert advice and tips for uncovering job opportunities, networking, preparing your cover letter and resume, interviewing and keeping current on industry news and trends. Interviews and case studies offer behind-the-scenes glimpses of what hiring managers look for in a candidate and how others have succeeded in landing their jobs or advancing their careers. An extensive glossary and resource list put all the industry knowledge you need to succeed at your fingertips. 

Each Vault Career Guide includes:

  • The Basics: Everything you need to know about what your industry does, who works in it, and the pros and cons of pursuing a career in the field.
  • Making Connections: Practical information on researching potential employers, networking, and getting in the door.
  • Careers in This Industry: A look at life on the job and the industry culture.
  • Talk Like a Pro: A glossary of industry jargon and key terms.
  • Resources: Associations, organizations, websites, and other resources to help you plan and advance your career.
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