Loeb Center Student Guidelines and Expectations

Career services, offered at the Loeb Center for Career Exploration and Planning, are some of the many benefits you have access to as an Amherst College student.  Loeb services include, but are not limited to,  programs dedicated to locating internships and jobs, recruiting, networking, funding, and career advising. If you are or will be engaging with Loeb Center resources, we require that you adhere to our student policies. We expect that our students and alumni act in a professional and ethical manner, as described below. Failing to do so may lead to a suspension of access to Loeb Center resources, opportunities, and/or staff assistance.


Appointments will be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance and be canceled if needed, at least 24 hours before the appointment. Missing an appointment or making multiple late cancellations may result in being denied access to further advising services.


Contacting Amherst alumni or parents for the purpose of career networking will be done courteously and appropriately. Please remember that networking is not transactional and is ultimately about building relationships. Students should research specific questions ahead of time to maximize a contact’s time and not ask for a(n) internship/job. We encourage you to ask questions about a contact’s experience and perspective and request information regarding how to identify and pursue internships/jobs. Inappropriate requests can greatly jeopardize Amherst’s relationships, as well as the perception networking contacts may develop of you.


The Loeb Center acts only as an intermediary between employers posting job and internship opportunities and candidates searching for opportunities across our online platforms (e.g., Handshake). We make no guarantees about positions posted and have no control over the quality, safety, or legality of the jobs or the truth or accuracy of the position posting. 

It is the responsibility of each student to exercise good judgment and to research the soundness and integrity of an organization, the specifics of the position, and, if abroad, any risks involved with international employment. The Loeb Center does not endorse or screen organizations, domestic or international, or the working conditions of the positions posted.

Employers each have their own policies, procedures, and timelines for recruitment and interviewing. The Loeb Center is not responsible for any employment decisions made by companies or organizations.


Student behavior directly reflects upon Amherst College and impacts the current and future relationships the College builds for the benefit of all Amherst students. It is expected that you will represent yourself and credentials with factual data regarding academic, employment, citizenship/visa, and any other information requested. Examples of misrepresentation include GPA inflation, exaggerated job responsibilities, plagiarized content in job application documents, incorrect citizenship/visa status, or overstated foreign language competency. Falsifying any data on an online (e.g., Handshake) profile and/or resume may revoke a student’s access to Loeb Center online resources, including Handshake. Manage your digital identity appropriately while internship/job searching and using Handshake. This includes ensuring that your messaging (voicemail and digital communications) and e-mail address are professional and that your social media presence does not jeopardize your candidacy.


It is expected that you will arrive on time and remain until events are completed. If unable to stay through the entire presentation, you should arrive early, explain the circumstances to the presenter or a Loeb staff member, and, if in-person, sit near an exit to minimize disturbance. Silence cell phones, keep laptops closed and turned off (if applicable), and arrive appropriately attired.


A leave of absence during the current academic term may impact participation in on-campus or virtual interviews. Employment opportunities are at the discretion of employers, and therefore any leaves of absence may have impacts beyond the Loeb Center’s control.  If you are on leave during the spring semester, you are ineligible to receive summer internship funding from the Loeb Center.


While every subtlety of proper behavior cannot be detailed, students must adhere to the following policies during the recruiting process.

Failure to adhere to acceptable interview practices can seriously damage a student’s reputation among hiring companies, fellow students, alumni, faculty, and administration.


Those that participate in any form of an interview (including informational “office hours” appointments) are expected to be well-prepared for each interview and respond promptly, preferably within 24 hours, to all interview invitations, even if you decline the invitation. For interviews scheduled through on-campus recruiting efforts, you will give the Loeb Center at least two business days’ notice if you wish to cancel or reschedule. Repeated cancellations or rescheduling may result in suspension from Loeb-hosted interviews. Note: In emergency situations, please contact the Loeb Center as soon as possible for case-by-case reviews.


Should you accept an offer for an internship or full-time employment, either verbally or in writing, you will do so in good faith with the full intention of honoring my commitment. After accepting an internship or job offer, immediately withdraw all pending applications and cancel all scheduled interviews. The expectation is that you honor all employment agreements with employers/organizations. 

If you would like assistance in communicating or negotiating with employers, please contact the Loeb Center.


It is unethical to renege on accepting an employment offer once it has been accepted by an internship or job candidate.

Deciding to leave a job shortly after you begin working can also be considered reneging on your commitment. We are aware that students’ life circumstances sometimes change, necessitating a reopening of the conversation with the employer; if you find yourself in such a situation, we encourage you to speak with a Loeb Center advisor before you take any action with the employer.