Amherst College Guide for Premedical Students

About this Guide

This Guide focuses on “allopathic” medicine (i.e. becoming a physician with an M.D. degree), because that is the most common career choice of Amherst students interested in health professions. However, the Health Professions Advisor and Committee also support and encourage students interested in other health-related careers, including dentistry, nursing, veterinary medicine, and public health. Further, for those planning to apply to allopathic medical schools, we strongly recommend also exploring osteopathic schools of medicine.

Note: This material has been prepared for students at Amherst College. Advice given here may not apply to students at other colleges and universities, although others using the Web are (obviously!) welcome to read this guide and take the advice for what it is worth. Comments and suggestions (to Professor William Loinaz and Dean Richard Aronson) are always welcome.

Part 1: Preparing to Apply to Medical School

Part 2: The Medical School Application Process