2023 Boston Finance Trek

Location: Boston, MA Experience Type: Treks

The Boston Finance trek is an opportunity for Amherst College sophomores to explore career opportunities in the financial services industry in Boston during interterm.

This small, selective group of students will spend 4+ days during interterm discovering the nuances and various career paths available in the financial services industry including boutique investment banks, divisions of bulge bracket investment banks and a particular focus on the buy-side of the industry (asset management firms, hedge funds, and private equity firms). This is an experiential learning opportunity that replicates life in the financial services industry in Boston. Students will visit approximately 15 employers and network with 50+ alumni and be expected to maintain a fast-paced agenda filled with informational discussions, employer site visits, networking dinners and receptions. Each morning will begin with a 7am de-briefing and preparation session.
Selected students for this trek will:
  • Clarify career focus through greater understanding of the financial services industry and the myriad of opportunities and career paths available
  • Increase marketability to employers through acquisition of industry knowledge including a holistic view of the industry and its components
  • Make connections with employers, alumni and friends of the college
  • Learn about the wide variety of internships, jobs, and careers in the finance industry
  • Hone effective internship and job search skills, including networking and interviewing
  • Gain exposure to the key trends, issues, challenges, and opportunities in the industry
Because of the generosity of our alumni, the Loeb Center, there is no cost to students other than personal incidentals. The college will cover transportation, housing, and most meals.


Experience Information

Start Date
Jan 16, 2023
End Date
Jan 20, 2023
Apply By
Oct 13, 2022
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