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“Dos and don’ts” for international student job seekers

Anson Tan, president of the University of San Francisco International Student Association and former Deloitte intern, and Kelly O’Sullivan, senior talent acquisition associate at AlphaSights discuss the “dos and don’ts” for international student job seekers.

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By Source and Author Noted Above
Source and Author Noted Above
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How International Students Can Improve Their Chances of Getting H-1B Visas

With this year’s H-1B visa registration season well underway, we spoke with International Student Career Expert Marcelo Barros about what international students should be doing now, common mistakes students make when searching for U.S. employment, and what we can expect …

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Essential International Student Job-Search Strategies for 2022

Due to the pandemic and difficulties of obtaining student visas, international enrollment in U.S. universities saw a slight decline during the 2019-2020 academic year. That’s the bad news. The good news is international student enrollment at U.S. schools seems to …

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