Since its founding in 1821, Amherst College has prepared talented students of every background to lead principled lives of consequence.  Education as a pressing social issue has captured the attention of generations of Amherst College students, and alumni who have pursued a calling in education consistently report how their Amherst education provided a sound foundation for their work. With the support and leadership of Charles “Chuck” Ashby Lewis ’64 and Penny Bender Sebring, Ph.D., Amherst’s Careers in Education Professions Career Community encourages students to explore, experience, and reflect upon a variety of paths into the education professions.

The danger of a single story

Our lives and cultures are woven from numerous interconnecting narratives. Chimamanda Adichie, a novelist, shares her journey on TED Talk to discovering her genuine cultural identity, cautioning against the danger of forming misconceptions when we are exposed to only one …

By The Loeb Center
The Loeb Center
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The Education of Watson Fellow Alex DelFranco ’24

Alex DelFranco ’24, with the help of the Watson Fellowship, will seek to explore the fundamental question: “What is the goal of education?” during the 2024–25 academic year, He will travel to Finland, Germany, and India, each known for unique …

By The Loeb Center
The Loeb Center
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Instructor Perspectives on Mobile Technologies and Social Media in Practice: Findings From the United Kingdom’s Outward Bound Trust

This qualitative study explores instructors’ perceptions of mobile technologies and social media in residential outdoor adventurous education (OAE) at the United Kingdom’s Outward Bound Trust. The study raises questions about the feasibility of achieving a “technology-free” outdoor experience and highlights …

By The Loeb Center
The Loeb Center
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Pam Allyn

  • Chief Executive Officer Dewey
Meet Pam >

Ron Espiritu

  • Director of Ethic Studies for All Camino Nuevo Charter Academies
Meet Ron >

Ashley Finigan

  • Brooklyn, New York
  • PhD candidate in History & Upper School History and American Studies Teacher Berkeley Carroll School
Meet Ashley >

Antara Ganguli

  • Director United Nations Girls Education Initiative
Meet Antara >

Cyndy Jean

  • Middle School Director Hackley School
Meet Cyndy >

Bob Kuklis

  • Social Studies Educator
Meet Bob >

Kent Peterson

  • Emeritus Professor University of Wisconsin-Madison
Meet Kent >

Inda Schaenen

  • Writer, Journalist, Professor, Certified English Language Arts Teacher
Meet Inda >
Meet Gil >

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