Your resume is often one of the first things a prospective employer or graduate school admissions staff member will see. A cover letter is another document a prospective employer will review first. The cover letter allows you to explain why you are interested in a position and describe relevant experiences more deeply.

A quick Google search for the word resume or cover letter could return over a billion results, some helpful and others not so helpful. Instead of going down the rabbit hole, consider exploring the resources here!

If you would like resources on either your resume or cover letter, consider scheduling an appointment with an advisor or PCA in Handshake.

5 Tips for an Effective Internship Cover Letter

When looking for an internship, it’s important to find ways to distinguish yourself from all the other applicants. One way to do this is to include a cover letter with your resume. Cover letters are great for providing potential employers …

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Cover Letter Tips for Recent Graduates

This article provides five tips for crafting an impressive cover letter as a recent graduate, emphasizing the showcasing of relevant academic achievements, leveraging practical experiences, highlighting soft skills acquired during academic years, demonstrating passion and enthusiasm for the industry, and …

By The Loeb Center
The Loeb Center
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The Importance of Cover Letters

Follow these five steps to write an effective and thoughtful internship application, plus more tips, FAQs and perspectives! 

Give yourself ample time to write a cover letter. While we know it isn’t always possible to have weeks of advanced notice, …

By Emily Tareila
Emily Tareila Program Director, Charles Hamilton Houston Internship Program
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