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Everyone’s career path is unique. Whether you’re a first year or a senior, we offer resources and advising to help you consider and shape your own way forward through internships, networking, jobs, alumni connections, or reflection on how your academic experiences, interests, skills, and values can align with a meaningful career.

Our new website offers you a centralized location to explore and engage with our career development resources,  team and access opportunities and events.  

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  • Take advantage of our Appointments and Drop-In opportunities to gain individualized support for all of your career-related needs.
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  • Utilize the Discover Career Paths menu to access robust collections of career community resources, professional/graduate school advising, and signature programs.  You will find real-time advice, career & industry guides, informational videos, featured jobs and internships, and beyond.
  • From the How to Guide menu, you’ll find rich support resources on topics such as resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn, networking, interviewing, job/internship search, and much more.

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